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Michele Wolgel Rose
Certified LifeCycle Celebrant

What couples have said in their own words about their wedding ceremonies created and officiated by Michele Rose of Rose LifeCycle Ceremonies:

From couple-mr-cropJennifer & Patrick:
Rose was very helpful, sweet and calm. Rose was into our ideas and took our story and transformed it into greatness. I believe the audience was captivated as were we. I highly recommend Rose, she’s awesome and a lovely person.

coupleFrom April & Sam:
Michele was amazing. She was very organized, professional, and such a great person to work with. You can really tell she loves her job. We had an interfaith, multicultural wedding, and she was very knowledgeable about our traditions and customs, more so than we were honestly! She made sure that our ceremony included everything we wanted and reassured us through the process.

Fromimg_3724 Amy & Don:
Michele was very flexible and my husband and I were able to have our wedding in our apartment. Her husband took pictures and she made a beautiful book for us which was like the story of our wedding. She also sent us all the pictures and a CD with the pictures on it as well. It was great to have Michele and her husband as part of our wedding. She made it extra special!


From Amanda & Bob:
Michele was wonderful to work with and exceeding our expectations for a personalized ceremony. She was able to capture and convey the spirit of our relationship within the service. She was also so relaxed and comfortable that we in turn felt relaxed and comfortable. If you are looking for a unique, personalized ceremony, go with Michele!

img_7173From Penny & Adam:
Michele Rose was amazing! From day one we knew she was the one for us. Michele actually took the time to get to know us and made us feel special. She also stood her ground when it came to dealing with my parents, who wanted it THEIR way, but Michele made sure it was done OUR way since it was OUR wedding! Everything in the ceremony that she wrote was meaningful and will make for many memories to remember! Michele incorporated old traditions, new traditions, and unique moments that really touched everyone that was able to partake. Our night wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was without Michele. Thank you for being part of our magical day!!

couple-cropFrom Breonna & Alisha:
Michele was absolutely amazing. Our ceremony was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for anything more wonderful. Three days before the wedding our officiant had to cancel due to being in the hospital. Talk about a panic moment! She then referred us to Michele. The good Lord must have been looking down on us that day; Michele is amazing. The ceremony was beautiful. Truly it was if she had known us for years instead of three days! We couldn’t have been more pleased.

coupleFrom Nicole & Chris:
My fiancé and I found Michele Rose listed on a number of wedding websites. After reading her bio, we felt she might be a good fit for us based on her website. It was important to us to have an officiant who performed all types of ceremonies, especially same sex, as we feel strongly about this topic. I called Michele Rose and we set up a time to meet at a local Panera. We all sat down and chatted for a bit and then we discussed what we were looking for in an officiant. She asked us some questions about our background and showed us a portfolio of weddings she had performed. She also went over her ceremony creation process and we were very impressed. She asked us how she might best get to know us and I suggested she may want to talk with our parents. This idea was very well received and ended up adding a very special touch to our ceremony. Needless to say, we decided to move forward and provided a deposit by check and signed the contract with her prior to leaving. As our wedding drew closer we received an extensive questionnaire from her along with instructions to fill out as much or as little as we were comfortable with. It was a bit like homework, but it was completely worth it. After we completed our questionnaires, our parents were contacted and then we received the first draft of our ceremony. After a few rounds of edits we had everything ready for the big day. In the days leading up to the wedding I sent our DJ and day of coordinator a copy of the ceremony and on our special day things went perfectly. Our friends and family raved about how personalized and “us” the ceremony was. Many asked if Michele Rose knew us outside of being our officiant (she did not). A few of our guests mentioned it was the only ceremony where they both laughed and cried. Overall, the day was perfect, beyond our expectations and we couldn’t be more grateful for the personalized, wonderful and memorable ceremony provided by Michele Rose.

img_4486From Darryn & James:
We were very lucky to meet Ms. Michele Rose. From our first encounter Michele was upbeat, full of suggestions, responsive and easy to reach. One of the most impressive characteristics of Michele Rose’s planning was her dedication learn about us, including multiple meetings and having each of us, independently, complete a survey about our lives. Michele crafted a fantastic service, but then allowed us to fully edit the entire ceremony. On the day of the event, Michele was on site early, and fully prepared. Her ceremony was personal, moving and will be remembered as a highlight of our lives. We highly recommend Michele Rose and Rose Wedding Ceremonies.

couple-meFrom Michael & Tyron:
Oh My words can not explain how good of a job Mrs. Rose and her husband did at our civil union.. It was an honor to have her officiate our ceremony.. She took the time to get to know us and to come up with a ceremony that honored both me and my spouses lives… Now that ILLINOIS have became the 15th state to recognize same sex marriage it will be an honor to have Mrs. Rose once again do what she does best and Officiate our Marriage once again… Thanks Mrs. Rose.. See you in the summer of 2014!!!

couple-cropFrom Gina & Kevin:
Michele was our celebrant at our wedding and we couldn’t be more pleased. We found Michele online after a long search. We wanted a personal ceremony that was just about our story and Michele delivered. From day one we felt a connection with her and knew that she was a perfect fit. She was responsive, professional, and warm. Michele sent us a survey about a month before the wedding that helped her to shape and create our unique ceremony. Filling it out helped us to reflect on our journey that brought us to our wedding day and it was really special. Michele even helped us to create our own ring and wedding vows. She had unique ideas including a locked box (that we created together) in which we put letters to each other inside to open on our 5th wedding anniversary. This was so touching and we cannot wait to open them. It’s these little touches that make Michele unique and wonderful. We have received countless compliments on the wonderful ceremony done by Michele. There wasn’t a dry eye at the ceremony because of Michele’s personalized ceremony. We would definitely recommend her to all our family and friends.

couple-mr-cropFrom Sarah & Phillip:
Phillip and I met Michele Rose through the Stan Mansion where we had our wedding ceremony. On Valentine’s Day the Stan Mansion offers a pre-fixed wedding ceremony package that includes many items including a celebrant/officiant to lead the wedding ceremony. Not knowing Michele Rose personally Phillip and I were a little concerned as to how we would build an intimate and personal ceremony. We contacted Michele Rose and within a week of our initial email had an appointment set to meet with her at Panera. Immediately I felt a connection between Phillip and I and Michele Rose. She is a very open minded, caring woman who truly listens from her heart. I could tell also that while speaking with Philip and I she was studying us and soaking up our energy as a couple. By the end of our time together, 2 hours, we had an outline of what we wanted to do for our ceremony and Michele Rose put to rest any concerns we had about a stranger marrying us. The day of the ceremony it was comforting to see Michele Rose there, her husband Burt was with her taking photos and they are a truly calming and welcomed presence. They blended right in with our families and friends and joined in our celebration. Having started at “0” with Michele Rose we ended at “100”. Phillip and I couldn’t be happier with how our ceremony went and have received so many compliments from friends and family who attended; specifically on the ceremony portion and how reflective it was of Phillip and I – all this from a woman we barely knew. It clearly speaks to Michele Rose’s passion for her work, her commitment to the couples she serves and her earnest effort to connect with you during this most unique time of your life. I assure you if you decide to work with Michele Rose you will walk away from your wedding day as touched by her words and ceremonial craftsmanship as Phillip and I were.

img_1895From Emonie & James:
Michele is a great communicator and allows you to have the ceremony you have in mind. Michele has great follow up, ideas and is very professional. She has a great voice, is very easy to work with and develop a relationship. I highly recommend Rose Wedding Ceremonies if you a most memorable ceremony from an officiant who truly cares.

coupleFrom Lesley & Zach:
My husband and I both agreed we wanted a wedding ceremony about us and love – not religion. Therefore, we turned to searching for a wedding celebrant. I’m SO lucky that I found Michele. I found her through Wedding Wire and really appreciated how informative her website was. If any other celebrant didn’t have a website, I moved onto the next. Michele is just so warm and inviting, she makes you incredibly comfortable with her. I chose my vendors primarily by gut instinct, and right away I clicked with Michele. And so did my husband. She’s open to any ideas you have for your ceremony and really wants to make your wedding all.about.you. The survey she gives you to fill out is incredible, and it’s what you make of it. My husband and I both filled it out pretty extensively and what we got was the most original, unique, personal, and beautiful ceremony our guests (and us!) had ever witnessed. I can’t remember attending a wedding where people talked about how great the ceremony was as much as our guests did at ours. Michele will not only officiate your wedding, she’ll be your friend. She genuinely cares about her couples and loves what she does. I’m quite the worrier, and Michele put my worries aside. She sends you so much information for ideas, and she’ll send you a copy of the ceremony weeks before for you to edit if you see fit. I loved that I knew what she was going to say. And come the day of, I felt very comforted with her there to guide us through our vows. We will always hold Michele near and dear to our hearts. She illustrated our love so eloquently, and gave us the most touching ceremony imaginable, capturing our love story and personalities to a tee. It made us fall in love all over again and again during the planning process. Thank you for taking so much time in planning our ceremony Michele, you truly are a gem and we’re so lucky we found you!

From Marina & Ryanimg_0187:
Michele did an beautiful job officiating our wedding! She wrote a wonderful ceremony for us, it was funny and heartwarming and completely original. It could not have been more perfect. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and professional officiant!

couple-mrFrom Heather & Jason:
Very nice and professional. We were able to personalize our wedding the way we wanted to and also with her help she gave us ideas to use. It was nice to receive in the mail a couple weeks after the wedding a complete book of our whole ceremony with pictures!

img_0141From Lale & Andrew:
In our search for the perfect celebrant/officiant for our big day, we were both nervous and confused. Upon meeting Michele our fears were immediately changed to excitement! She was able to express her ideas and thoughts without being pushy or overbearing. She made us feel as though we had known her a lifetime. Throughout the months of wedding planning, communication was a constant between us and she worked diligently to make our ceremony both unique and personalized to us, but also to portray what we hoped our guests would take from it. Our wedding day morning was nerve wracking and very fast paced, when it was time for me to walk down the aisle to meet my husband to be those nerves flew away, our entire ceremony felt as though we were the only ones in the room, personal and intimate, all because of Michele, her kind soft words and expression of love and joy allowed us to feel close but also portrayed a sense of true love to our guests. We cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and recommend her to any couple looking for the perfect person to officiate their wedding! Michele is one of those people you hope to work with over and over again! Thank you Michele!

img_0101From Celina & Eddie:
The ceremony Michele Rose wrote for us was perfect! How amazing that there is someone out there that will write a unique ceremony that will never be repeated. We wanted our ceremony to reflect what makes our relationship special and unique, and Michele was able to create that for us. She had great ideas on different rituals or sections of the ceremony, which we didn’t know much about. She gave great guidance. We had a non-traditional ceremony, and it worried us that some of our family members who prefer a traditional ceremony may not have enjoyed it. It turned out that everyone absolutely loved our ceremony and thought it was lovely from start to finish. Now that’s an accomplishment! Michele even sent us a book of our ceremony wording after the wedding–what a wonderful keepsake!

couple-1-milestoneFrom Asima & Kaan:
Our whole experience with Michele was just amazing, she did a great job. The ceremony was our favorite part of the whole night, it was so personal. It felt as we knew Michele our whole life and I think our guests felt the same. She did an awesome job telling our love story. Working with her was very easy and stress free. We love Michele !!

couple1-cropFrom Jessica & Scott:
Michele was great! She let us completely personalize our ceremony. She was very helpful and responsive via email. We had one face-to-face meeting but emailed back and forth a lot. We received a lot of compliments after our ceremony! We are very happy we used her!


From Hien & Sarah:
The ceremony was very traditional but yet personal at the same time. The story of the love between my wife and I were presented exactly how I imagined and we both loved it. I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony. Thank you so much!

couple-cropFrom Brandy & Jason:
Michele Rose did a wonderful job. This was even planned from another state and all done by email and phone until the big day. My husband and I are Wiccan and really wanted are ceremony to be Wiccan. Everyone who attended was so shocked at how beautiful the ceremony was and how much it was about us perfectly. No one will ever forget this different and beautiful ceremony!!

From Tim & Fred:
couple-cropMichele Rose provided a wonderful service to us as our wedding officiant. We met one-on-one initially and then had regular contact via email afterwards. She was very thorough and helpful, offering many tips and suggestions on wedding vows and things to include in the ceremony. My partner and I felt we were in very good hands and we certainly were.

Pat & EllenFrom Ellen & Pat:
Civil Unions just became legal in Illinois. We could not find someone to marry us. People were very against the love my wife and I have for each other. We were very grateful to find Michele Rose for the wedding. She was supportive and helpful, making all the bad memories from other spiritual leaders go away. We got exactly what we wanted. It was so hard to find some one, but Michele was friendly and accepting. She supported us through every step of the way. It was very time focused and she even came through with that! We could not have asked for a more personal and joyous wedding with our friends and family. Michele made it all happen. The wedding was a success, everyone cried with happiness. The booklet we received after was a beautiful reminder of our ceremony and the words which were spoken on our sacred day.

couple-me-cropFrom Sarah & Blair:
Working with Michelle was an absolute dream. We had some pretty weird extenuating circumstances for our wedding, my fiance was living in Canada and unable to attend the prep sessions with her, and we ended up getting married on the weekend of the NATO summit in Chicago so there were protesters walking through the park where we got married. Michelle not only made us feel like what we wanted was not just valid but important and that we could make this wedding really special. I would not only recommend her to anyone who is interested in working with a celebrant, but would consider having her help us renew our vows in a few years! She’s just the best!!

steph-jimFrom Steph & Jim:
We used Michele as our wedding officiant, and she helped us write our own ceremony, which sounded intimidating, but she provided much needed guidance and help. She was very flexible with what we included, the order, etc. She added a lot of personal touches and it all blended together nicely. It turned out wonderful. We received a lot of compliments about our ceremony, how personal it was, etc. Michele did a phenomenal job. We would definitely recommend her.




From Debbie & Joe:
Michele was amazing; she did a wonderful job on writing up a ceremony that fit me and my wife’s personalities. It was really original and fun, when can you say a wedding ceremony was original and fun? Again, fantastic job. Would highly recommend her services.

From Tiffani & Maria:
Michelle was absolutely amazing. She did everything she possibly could to make our day special. Not only was she an excellent officiant, but she felt more like family. We could not have asked for anything more, because she made it perfect.

erin-blair-cropFrom Erin & Blair:
My husband and I planned a wedding in 7.5 weeks and from the moment we found Michele she was so lovely to work with. She made us feel at ease and we never had to worry about that aspect of our wedding. Michele was very organized and open to anything we wanted. We had a smaller group of international guests from all over the world and Michele was not only open to us having ipads and phones set up all over for skype, but did everything she could to accommodate our unusual request. We really were very fortunate to find Michele – someone who is open to all types of couples and cultures and accepts people for how they choose to live. That was the most important thing to my husband and I when choosing an officiant, and I would recommend Michele to anyone in the Chicago area looking for a sincere, open and lovely person to officiate their special day.

eric-mattFrom Erica & Matt:
Michele is great!! She will craft a perfect wedding ceremony for you. She is great at listening to your vision for your ceremony, taking in all of your ideas, suggesting some of her own, and putting it all together into something that is memorable. She is also very responsive, and very easy to work with.

kiss-cropFrom Erin & Luca:
Michele Rose is such a professional and responsive person. I emailed her and she got back to me almost immediately. I was stressed about the last minuteness of our wedding, but she helped me through and convinced me to personalize the ceremony. I am so glad she did that because it really made our wedding something special. We could not be happier to have had Michele as our officiant. She is very nice and friendly and everyone at the wedding loved her. Plus, I really wanted a woman to officiate so she worked out perfectly for us!!!

joe-salFrom Joe & Sal:
Michele did an excellent job officiating our wedding. She is very responsive and listens well. She learns who the couple is and tailors the wedding to fit the personalities very well. Her delivery of the ceremony was very graceful and right on key and was flawless. I recommend Michele to anyone who wants to have someone provide a unique wedding based on their needs.
We contacted Michele Rose to celebrate our Same Sex Civil Union in Chicago. From the moment we started to work with her we realize that she had a unique vision of what a marriage ceremony should be, and it was clear her passion and commitment to make everything perfect and as smooth as possible. She provided a lot of advice during the process without been controlling and allowed for us to write our vows and personalize the ceremony in accordance to the venue, family and friends involved. When the day came, she arrived before anybody and had all typed and presented in a very nice binder. She even carried Kleenexes which were very necessary after she started the ceremony!!! Michele Rose has a warm and soothing personality which makes you feel everything will be fine, in spite of chaos! We are not planning to getting married again anytime soon, but if we do… we would for sure ask Michele to do it! If you are in look of the best celebrant, talk to Michele!

jennifer-jeffFrom Jenn & Jeff:
Michelle was fantastic! My husband and I wanted a non-traditional ceremony and Michelle had so many wonderful ideas. Friends and family loved our ceremony and commented over and over about how personal and truly unique it was. Michelle was excellent from start to finish, even helping us determine what feel we wanted. Her use of a pre-writing survey allowed us to tell our story throughout the ceremony. The best part is that we knew our ceremony was written for us, by a very special person who gave us her full attention. I would recommend Michelle Rose over and over and over again!

kiss-cropFrom Marie & Casey:
From the beginning of the process, Michele was patient and respectful with our (sometimes odd) requests and opinions about our wedding ceremony. Her years of expertise really showed as she helped us add meaningful touches and information to our ceremony, going through revision after revision and sending emails at all hours of the day with new ideas. She was always early for every meeting, including our ceremony, and she was extremely professional whenever there was a bump in the road (as there inevitably are in every wedding ever, I discovered!). Michele worked well with our other vendors and, most importantly, provided us with a perfect ceremony wth which we were completely satisfied. It’s very clear that Michele is doing something that she loves. I recommend Michele to anyone who doesn’t want something super-traditional. :)

Caroline & RichardFrom Caroline & Richard:
We hired Michele as the celebrant for our wedding and absolutely LOVED her and the ceremony she created for us. Going into the initial meeting we didn’t really know what we wanted in a ceremony, but she kindly guided us through some options and in the end crafted a ceremony that we were blessed to have. Our ceremony was untraditional, to say the least (think; people walking down the isle to movie themes, and myself (the bride) carrying a light saber to fight the groom on stage with!) and Michele did an AMAZING job at making a humorous, yet touching ceremony. She made all the planning so much easier and we can’t imagine our wedding day without her! I would DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone looking for a celebrant.

Pam & RonFrom Pam & Ron:
Michele Rose did an amazing job as our wedding celebrant/officiant. The ceremony narrative she created for us was perfect in that it was very casual, light hearted and fun, which was exactly what we asked for. Michele also had excellent ideas as to how we could make our reception more “children friendly” which worked out great! She was a perfect choice and almost everyone at the reception commented on how nice the ceremony was. Also, all of the necessary paperwork was filed timely so that we were able to get our Marriage Certificate surprisingly quick. If I could give her more than 5 stars I would!

ceremony-cropFrom Rachel & Brian:
We knew from our first meeting that we had found the “right” person to officiate our service, but Michele went above and beyond in delivering a truly heart-felt ceremony, one that we will obviously never forget. It was an incredibly special day for us, and we received an outpouring of compliments from our guests, regarding the personal story and anecdotes that were interwoven throughout the ceremony. If you are looking for a non-cookie cutter ceremony, with unique and personal touches, you just can’t go wrong with Michele’s services. She was kind, funny, organized and thorough, from beginning to end!

Jessica & TomFrom Jessica & Tom:
It was a beautiful wedding, put together on a shoestring budget, with less than a month to prepare. Michele Rose was very accommodating and helpful getting this off the ground.

brittany-dustinFrom Brittany & Dustin:
Michelle officiated our wedding, she was amazing! We waited kind of last minute to find someone and she responded right away and met with us within a week. She did a beautiful job on our day, exactly what I was looking for!

Sara & KenFrom Sara & Ken:
My husband and I wanted a customized ceremony, but weren’t comfortable writing the ceremony ourselves. We did a Google search and eventually found Michele. We were excited because she specialized in customized ceremonies for couples of different backgrounds, cultures, or religions. Upon meeting Michele, we felt she understood our story and our love and were excited to meet with her. She had so many ideas, which we appreciated as we just weren’t even sure where to begin. When she provided us with a first draft of our ceremony, we were so excited because we felt that we had such a great base to work with. We were able to make a few changes and customize it to our liking. Our ceremony was very special, and felt it reflected us as a couple perfectly. I would highly recommend Michele to officiate any ceremony!

kelly-marcia-micheleFrom Marcia & Kelly:
Michele called me back within 10 minutes of receiving my email. She was very flexible and accommodating, and we were able to schedule a meeting a few days later. Our ceremony was going to be in two weeks from the day we met, and Michele put together a very special and personalized ceremony for us. We couldn’t have been more pleased.
63160001From Megan & Scott:
We had the perfect wedding. So much of this was made possible by Michele’s professionalism and flexibility. She made our last minute wedding remarkably stress-free and the actual wedding was so well coordinated and touching that it seemed as though we had been planning it that way for years. In reality, our dream wedding came together in a matter of weeks. I would highly recommend Michele’s services to anyone seeking a warm, personal, and elegant ceremony.

p1000357From Edward & Jacky:
Jacky and me just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your husband so very much for such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Everybody was so delighted and impressed in how well and beautifully you conducted our ceremony. With all the different rituals that we did and the different readings that you gave during the whole ceremony, you made a great impression and left a great remark in everybody’s mind that evening. I know that as the years pass by, people will still remember and tell “What a beautiful ceremony Jacky and Edward had when they got married” and is all thanks to you Michele.” We and all of our guests and family just loved it.

Shannon & Alex.2From Shannon & Alex:
Michele Rose was our wedding officiant and did an amazing job. Months later, I still receive compliments on how unique and awesome our ceremony was. We weren’t the typical couple – and all our meetings up to the wedding rehearsal were done via email, but Michele Rose was still able to capture our personalities and our vision for our ceremony to create something great. If you are looking for a non cookie-cutter ceremony, I highly recommend working with Michele Rose! You won’t be disappointed.